The Preparation

Before the virtual competition on 17th-19th, August 2019, you will need to ensure that you do the following:

  • Team members should register online by August 11, 2019
  • Ensure you and all your team members have an active Telegram account
  • Prepare your workspace and development tools


Make sure your dev tools are installed and configured, and any software updates are applied in advance of the virtual competition dates.


Make sure your laptop is fully charged (or you have a reliable power outlets). Prepare food and refreshments in advance (or have a delivery menu handy).

Whenever your code is in a working state, commit it. You never know when you’ll encounter a bug that you get stuck on. You can always roll back and submit an earlier working version and sometimes it’s better to just go back to a known working version and rewrite the code a different way to avoid the bug.

Your entry can address a smaller part of a bigger problem. The code component is meant to be a proof of concept. Make as much of it as possible functional but if you need to mock-up parts of the process flow that’s ok. If you can demonstrate how it works and some key parts of it work that is ok.

We understand you’ll be under time pressure and may make lots of untidy diagrams on paper and on whiteboards. If you have time to tidy these up that’s great but you can submit photos of these diagrams or notes as part of your entry. The 24 period after entries close can be used to tidy these notes up into a more presentable form so use the initial 48 hours to focus on your idea and getting the code built.


Each team will be invited into a group Telegram chat by a moderator.

Please note: You may also communicate with your team directly through any medium of your choice.


[email protected]